How to catch ephemereal thoughts

I get inspired to write in all sorts of places. Generally in places where I’m not able to take notes, but occassionally I will have a notepad with me.

Do I need a netbook to make it easier? Would I carry it everywhere? Would I be able to whip it out and get that thought transcribed before it evaporated?


3 thoughts on “How to catch ephemereal thoughts

  1. Hmm. I do carry little scraps of paper around, but I’m never that organised with them. Ie, they get out of order…

    The notebook idea, in the past I’ve never bothered to carry it because it’s been too heavy and inconvenient. Maybe, if it’s an electronic tool that more multi-functional I might carry it more?

  2. I use my phone, which is also a computer AND recognises my handwriting. Then I upload my notes to my PC every now and then.

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