Weekend domestic bliss

When my washing machine beeps, I often think, “this is great, I am this much closer to getting some fresh-smelling awesome clothes back in my life”.

This morning, I had that thought.

Opened the door of the washing machine, started pulling out the clothes and noticed that they weren’t feeling quite right. Hey, how come some of these clothes are dry? Is the spin cycle super effective, more effective that it’s ever been? No!

The spin cycle didn’t actually make them dry. The wash cycle didn’t actually make them wet. Or clean.

I wonder if the laundry liquid is soaked into my clothes now. Slowly eating my beloved shirts and socks whilst I sit here blogging about my stupid washing machine.

The rotation action is busted. The drum doesn’t spin. It gives a pathetic little whir and does nothing.

No fresh clean clothes for the line.


Instead, it’s time to invest in a trip to the laundromat with dirty, half wet, half dry things.